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Background on Water

Water is the source of life, and most human activities are inseparable from boiled water. However, water pollution has seriously threatened human health at present. There are two main aspects of water pollution: (1) Organic pollution caused by microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) in water, which is produced by waste of feces, animals and vegetables. (2) Chemical pollution caused by pesticides, nitrates and phosphates of humans and animals, which is produced by drugs, household products, heavy metals, acids and industrial hydrocarbons. Water pollution not only destroys biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems, but also has a very negative impact on public health. Many diseases are caused by contact with polluted water, such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery or skin infection.

Water Test Kits

Water test kits are important tools for detecting potential pollutants in water, as well as an important guarantee for implementing environmental protection and human life safety. According to different water pollutants, water test kits are mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Microorganisms in water: detection of bacteria and viruses in the water, such as salmonella, shigella, vibrio cholerae, pathogenic escherichia coli, hepatitis A virus, hepatitis E virus, etc.
  • Inorganic pollutantsin water: detection of acids, alkalis, heavy metals, radioactive elements, etc.
  • Inorganic pollutantsin water: detection of domestic, industrial and agricultural pollution sources, such as detergents, fertilizers, pesticides, industrial wastewater, etc.

Status of water contamination.Fig 1. Status of water contamination.

Advantages of Our Water Test Kits

  • A variety of water detection technologies (Chemical analysis (using acid-base reaction, complexation reaction, precipitation reaction and redox reaction, etc.), atomic absorption spectrometry, emission spectrometry, atomic fluorescence spectrometry, electrochemical analysis, sensor technology, isotope detection, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, etc.) were adopted to develop test kits.
  • Sensitivity and accuracy are high. And Kits can simultaneously and quickly detect pollutants in water.
  • Low-cost portable reagent and simple operation. The ingredients are safe and reliable, and the possible toxic pollution caused by human contact is avoided.

Alfa Chemistry provides a broad range of water test kits for for detecting ammonia nitrogen, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, phosphate, hydrogen sulfide, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, pH value, manganese, nickel, copper, total iron, total hardness, soft water hardness, ozone, chlorine dioxide, nitrate, nitrite, chloride ion and total alkalinity, etc. We are committed to producing fast, efficient, safe and inexpensive water test kits to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for products quotations and more detailed information.

It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier of world-renowned test kits. Our high-quality products and customized services are trustworthy and support you in your innovative discoveries.


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