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Imaging Test Kits

Background on Imaging Testing

Optical in vivo imaging currently mainly uses two technologies: bioluminescence and fluorescence. Based on the principle of chemiluminescence, a cell line capable of stably expressing luciferase in vitro is implanted into an animal body, and it reacts with the substrate injected into the body later, which indirectly reflects the change in the number of cells or the location of the cells. This technology has been widely used in many fields, the most commonly used is the establishment of tumor or disease animal models, and can be used for virology research, siRNA research, stem cell research, protein interaction research, etc. In the past few years, research has been helping to advance the use of reagents and related technologies. The biotechnology, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries rely heavily on imaging reagents to develop new and better diagnostic applications.

Imaging Test Kits

Real-time live cell imaging by adding imaging reagents allows scientists to monitor dynamic cellular events that cannot be observed using traditional end-point techniques (such as fixed imaging and PCR that can only capture a static moment). In the research of disease-related biomarkers and disease pathways, you can choose the appropriate imaging reagents according to your needs. We provide the following imaging test kits including but not limited to:

  • Fluorescent agents: through our wide range of targeted and activatable fluorescent imaging probe combinations, we can better understand the biological targets, processes and protease activity in living systems.
  • Fluorescent dyes and labeling kits: we provide a complete set of fluorescent labeling kits for you with a wide range of application options in the research of disease-related biomarkers and disease pathways.
  • Fluorescent nanoparticles: the nanoparticles we provide are a new type of super bright fluorescent imaging agent specially developed for you.
  • Bioluminescence fluorescein substrates: we provide abundant and easy-to-use bioluminescence substrates to facilitate your bioluminescence in vivo imaging.

Fluorescent Ag–In–S/ZnS quantum dots for tumor drainage lymph node imaging in vivo.Fig 1. Fluorescent Ag–In–S/ZnS quantum dots for tumor drainage lymph node imaging in vivo. (Sun X, et al, 2021)

Advantages of Imaging Test Kits

  • Imaging test kits can be used for new fluorescent cell labeling technology for cell tracking, fluorescent lentiviral biosensors, traditional fluorescent dyes and for real-time analysis of cell events.
  • Imaging detection reagents stably exist in living cells in the body.
  • Safe for eukaryotic cells, bacterial cells and parasites.
  • No obvious dye leakage or cell-to-cell transfer.
  • The signal is uniform and reproducible.
  • Multi-color analysis can be achieved by using dyes with different spectra.
  • Compatible with other fluorescent markers.

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of bioluminescence and fluorescent in vivo imaging test kits, including tumor luminescent cell lines, luminescent bacteria, luminescent substrates, lentiviral transfection kits, functional fluorescent probes, fluorescent dyes, fluorescent labeling kits, etc. We are committed to producing fast, efficient, safe and inexpensive imaging test kits to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for products quotations and more detailed information.


  • 1. Sun X, Shi M, Zhang C, et al. (2021) Fluorescent Ag–In–S/ZnS Quantum Dots for Tumor Drainage Lymph Node Imaging In Vivo. ACS Applied Nano Materials. 4(2): 1029-1037.

It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier of world-renowned test kits. Our high-quality products and customized services are trustworthy and support you in your innovative discoveries.


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