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Environmental Protection Test Kits

Background on Environmental Protection

Environmental protection generally refers to the general term for various actions taken by mankind to solve actual or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between mankind and the environment, protect the living environment of mankind, and ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society. Water, air, and soil are important components of air, and the qualities of these. are closely related to human health.Due to excessive consumption, population growth and technological development, from climate change to hydraulic fracturing, and from drinking water safety to wildfires, today's environmental problems are increasingly complex.

Classification of Environmental Protection Test Kits

According to different test objects, environmental protection test kits can be divided into the following categories:

  • Water quality testing: the water quality test kits contain the ammonia nitrogen, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, phosphate, hydrogen sulfide, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, PH value, manganese, nickel, copper, total iron, total hardness, soft water hardness, ozone, two Detection of chlorine oxide, nitrate, nitrite, chloride ion, total alkalinity, microorganisms, etc.
  • Air quality testing: the air test kits mainly detect some gases (carbon monoxide, ozone, radon) , volatile organic compounds (ammonia, benzene, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde), and particulate matter (dusts, fibres, smokes, fumes, mists, liquid droplets and airborne respirable solid or liquid particles) in the air.
  • Soil quality testing: the soil testing kits mainly include the content of iron, phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, organic matter in the soil, and soil urease, etc.
  • Other substances in the air testing: detection of asbestos products in life (sheet vinyl flooring, popcorn ceilings, floor tiles, ceiling cavities as insulation, wallboard, wallboard joint compound), heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium and metalloid arsenic, etc.) in enviroment and potentially harmful microorganisms in the environment.

The instance of environmental protection testing. Fig.1 The instance of environmental protection testing.

Advantages of Environmental Protection Test Kits

High detection sensitivity

High detection sensitivity, which can quickly realize the detection of pollutants in the environment.

High detection sensitivity

The continuous improvement of selectivity and the application of various high and new technologies make it possible to directly extract pollutants for detection in a complex environment.

High detection sensitivity

The matching detection instrument is more intelligent and miniaturized, and the integrated technology that can measure multiple components at the same time by one detection greatly shortens the detection cycle.

High detection sensitivity

The cost of detection is getting lower and lower, and the potential harm of harmful substances in the environment to the human body can be controlled and reduced in time.

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It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


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