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Cell Apoptosis Test Kits

Background on Cell Apoptosis Testing

Apoptosis refers to a kind of programmed cell death that occurs through the regulation of genes and their products in cells during development or under the action of certain factors. Generally manifested as the death of a single cell without inflammation. Apoptosis plays an important role in the evolution of organisms, the stability of the internal environment, and the development of multiple systems. Apoptosis is not only a special type of cell death, but also has important biological significance and complex molecular biological mechanisms. At present, there are at least dozens of methods for detecting apoptosis. Apoptosis test kits are widely welcomed by researchers because of their fast and simple features.

Cell Apoptosis Test Kits

Cell apoptosis test Kits biochemically label the apoptotic molecules in the cell to detect the morphology and function of the cell, as well as have a great significance in helping toxicological analysis and drug development and application to understand the mechanism of cell death and survival. According to the different purposes of apoptosis detection, apoptosis test kits can be divided into the following categories:

  • Tunel test kits: identify apoptotic cells by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT)-mediated dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL).
  • Annexin V test kits: a kit for rapid and early detection of cell surface changes related to apoptosis.
  • Human apoptosis antibody array: a fast, sensitive and economical tool that can simultaneously detect the relative expression levels of 35 apoptosis-related proteins.
  • Apoptosis test kits: a kit for identifying and quantifying caspase activity in apoptotic cells by flow cytometry.
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential test kits: detection of apoptotic cells by identifying changes in mitochondrial membrane potential.

Cytology of apoptosisFig 1. Cytology of apoptosis. (Abou-Ghali M, et al, 2015)

Advantages of Cell Apoptosis Test Kits

  • A variety of cell apoptosis detection technologies (caspase activity detection, DNA fragmentation analysis and detection, membrane staining, membrane potential, mitochondrial functional integrity analysis and detection, cell morphology detection, etc.) were adopted to develop test kits.
  • Live cells and dead cells can be clearly distinguished, even after fixation, dead cells that affect the accuracy of the results can be easily eliminated.
  • A variety of markers (FITC, PE, APC, AF647/PI, 7-AAD) to choose to meet the needs of different samples to be tested and testing instruments.
  • It only takes 15-20 minutes, simple and fast; Strict and reliable quality control ensures excellent experimental results.
  • Professional pre-sales and after-sales technical support to help you better complete the apoptosis experiment.

Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of kits for evaluating cellular events related to apoptosis, including tunel test, annexin V kit, mitochondrial test, etc. We are committed to producing fast, efficient, safe and inexpensive cell apoptosis test kits to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for products quotations and more detailed information.


  • 1. Abou-Ghali M, Stiban J. (2015) Regulation of ceramide channel formation and disassembly: Insights on the initiation of apoptosis. Saudi J Biol Sci. 22(6):760-772.

It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


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