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Asbestos Test Kits

Background on Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral fiber composed of chain silicates, including minerals, amosite, crocidolite, chrysotile, fibrous actinite, fibrous anthophyllite and fibrous tremolite. Asbestos is used in hundreds of consumer products. As long as it occupies less than 1% of the product, it is allowed to be used. Asbestos can split into very fine fibres which can remain airborne for long periods of time after release. When inhaled, asbestos fibres can remain in the body for many years. Lung cancer, mesothelioma (a cancer of the lining of the chest or of the abdominal wall), asbestosis (scarring of the lung with fibrous tissue) can be caused by exposure to asbestos fibres. Although asbestos has a wide range of uses and low prices, it is seriously harmful and has carcinogenic problems. Asbestos products (asbestos textiles, asbestos cement products, asbestos insulation materials, asbestos rubber sheets, asbestos asphalt products) in daily life need to be strictly monitored and control.

Asbestos and Simplified scheme of asbestos detection using fluorescent probes. Fig 1. Common asbestos in life.

Asbestos Test Kits

Asbestos test kits are important tools for detecting asbestos in daily necessities, as well as an important means to protect human health. Asbestos test kits mainly include the detection of asbestos products in life (sheet vinyl flooring, popcorn ceilings, floor tiles, ceiling cavities as insulation, wallboard, wallboard joint compound, pipe cement, mastic, exterior cement tile siding, heating pipe insulation wrap, roofing tiles, roof flashing).

Asbestos and Simplified scheme of asbestos detection using fluorescent probes. Fig 2. Simplified scheme of asbestos detection using fluorescent probes. (Kuroda A, et al, 2016).

Advantages of Our Asbestos Test Kits

  • A variety of asbestos detection technologies (X-ray diffraction, optical microscope, electron microscope, fluorescent probe, biosensing technology, etc.) were adopted to develop test kits.
  • The kit is safe and easy-to-use. Locate the suspect sample, wet the sample using a soap and water solution, collect the sample using a knife or chisel and place into sample bag.
  • High detection sensitivity. Identifies dangerous asbestos fibers to as little as 1% content by weight.

Alfa Chemistry provides a broad range of asbestos test kits for for detecting asbestos in asbestos products and industrial environment. We are committed to producing fast, efficient, safe and inexpensive asbestos test kits to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for products quotations and more detailed information.


  • 1. Kuroda A, Alexandrov M, Nishimura T, Ishida T. (2016) Rapid on-site detection of airborne asbestos fibers and potentially hazardous nanomaterials using fluorescence microscopy-based biosensing. Biotechnol J. 11 (6): 757-67.
  • It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


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