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Plant Viruses and Virus-Like Agents Test Kits Customized Service

Viruses and virus-like pathogens are the smallest plant pathogens and cannot be seen with an optical microscope. They reproduce by parasitizing the cells of the host. The genetic material of most plant viruses is RNA, but in some viruses it is DNA. Viruses can cause a variety of symptoms in plants, including curling, mosaic patterns, mottled, necrosis, wrinkling, ring spots, stunting, distortion, and wilting. The symptoms caused by the virus may vary depending on the host, age of the host, and environmental conditions. Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in all agricultural fields around the world, including ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits and field crops. Our most popular plant pathogen test kits detect virus that are parasitic on plants, including chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid (CChMVd), chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVd), plum pox virus (PPV), grapevine red blotchvirus (GRBV), etc. In addition, Alfa Chemistry is committed to plant virus and viroid diseases diagnosis services, providing customers with high-quality plant viruses and virus-like agents customized test kits.

Providing Plant Viruses and Virus-Like Agents Test Kits Customized Service

Alfa Chemistry offers a range of customized plant viruses and virus-like agents test kits services based on ELISA, RT-PCR and PCR technology for virus diseases of plants. You can customize plant viruses and virus-like agents test kits according to your test object. Let the professional team of Alfa Chemistry handle all aspects of the plant viruses and virus-like agents test kits customization process for you.

Detection Methods

ELISA Based Assay

RT-PCR Based Assay

PCR Based Assay

Detection Subjects

Plum Pox virus Plum Bark Necrosis Stem Pitting-associated Virus Bean Common Mosaic Virus Serotype A
Strawberry Latent Ringspot Virus  Prune dwarf virus Barley Yellow Mosaic Bymovirus
Apple mosaic virus Prunus necrotic ringspot virus Bean Common Mosaic Potyvirus
Prunus necrotic ringspot virus Artichoke Italian Latent Virus Beet Mosaic Potyirus
Apple Stem Grooving Virus  Barley Mild Mosaic Bymovirus  Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus
Apple stem pitting virus Artichoke Mottled Crinkle Virus Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Tobamovirus
Cherry leaf-roll virus  Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Pepino mosaic virus
Citrus Psorosis Virus Potato Andean Latent Virus Prune dwarf virus
Citrus tristeza virus Potato Andean Mottle Virus Potato Leafroll Virus
Myrobalan Latent Ringspot Virus Artichoke Latent Virus Pepper Veinal Mottle Potyvirus
Melon Necrotic Spot Carmovirus Bean Common Mosaic Virus Serotype A Potato Virus X
Pelargonium Zonate Spot Virus Pelargonium Zonate Spot Virus Potato Virus Y
Tomato Infectious Chlorosis Virus  Tobacco Mosaic Virus Tomato chlorosis virus
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Turnip Mosaic Virus Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Other (Please inquire)    

Detection Application

  • Field crops (barley, corn, cotton, mustard, oats, potatoes, sorghum, sugar cane, tobacco, soybeans, wheat, etc.).
  • Fruits (apples, apricots, bananas, blueberries, citruses, cherries, papaya, peaches, plums, strawberries, etc.).
  • Ornamental plants (violets, begonias, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, geraniums, impatiens, kalanchoes, lilies, marigolds, orchids, roses, peonies, etc.).
  • Vegetables (asparagus, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, melon, pumpkin, eggplant, chicory, garlic, onion, lettuce, peas, pepper, potato, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, etc.).

Why Choose Us

  • Quantitative data: sensitive TaqMan real-time PCR detection kits provide quantitative data related to the level of virus infection.
  • High-quality test kits: high-quality viral DNA/RNA purification kits are used to isolate nucleic acids with excellent quality and integrity to improve the sensitivity of virus detection.
  • Multiple choices: our testing involves 40+ types of plant viruses to meet a variety of plant virus and viroid disease test kits for customers to choose.

We look forward to discussing with you the details of the expected interaction research and formulating experimental strategies/methods according to your requirements. You can refer to our customized service process to deliver it to us. If you are interested in our customized services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss in detail.

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It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier of world-renowned test kits. Our high-quality products and customized services are trustworthy and support you in your innovative discoveries.


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