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The test kit generally contains chemical reagents for detecting chemical components, drug residues, and virus types. The test kit is a simple, fast, easy to popularize and on-site diagnostic technology that requires no instrument restrictions, simple operation, and timely and accurate results reporting. Therefore, it is increasingly favored by experts in various fields. In the past few years, test kits have developed rapidly in the global market and millions of mature products have ensured human health.

Current commercially available products may not be suitable for you. Instead of investing a lot of time trying to develop testing methods internally or looking for other solutions that are still not what you really need, let our experts work with you to develop and customize the correct testing kits to meet your in-process and batch release testing need.

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to develop custom test kits designed specifically for your unique needs. By customizing the test kits, you can choose the reagents and components that suit your specific test application, and we put them into a combined test kit.

The personalized customized test kits services are as follows:

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  • Are you doing research on environmental protection, food safety, in vitro disease diagnosis, plant health, veterinary diagnosis and drug discovery? We can help you develop targeted customized test kits for testing.
  • The production of our test kits has been approved by the national test agency, and the ability test is conducted every year.
  • Our highly unique test procedures enable you to fully customize the test kits. These well-developed programs are designed to simplify the testing process and improve testing efficiency.

Customized Service

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It should be noted that our products are for research purposes only. Not suitable for any clinical use.


Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier of world-renowned test kits. Our high-quality products and customized services are trustworthy and support you in your innovative discoveries.


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